16 July, 2021

How the Covid Pandemic Was Orchestrated

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If you think the American people don’t trust the federal government now, just wait about 2 years, when bad things start to happen to the Branch Covidians (the people who “got the jab”). As one doctor said, it’ll take about 2 more years before we know if the Covid “vaccine” is safe in the long term.

“To recap at this point: the alleged “pandemic” was created by a test that produces false positives, thus greatly exaggerating the infection rate. The deaths were created by incorrect treatment, the absence of treatment, and by counting all deaths as Covid deaths.

The fear that was intentionally hyped was used to get gullible and fearful people to accept unapproved “vaccines” that are proving to be as dangerous or more so than the Covid virus.

The dire situation cannot be corrected, because Big Pharma and its associated health authorities, hired scientists, indoctrinated medical personnel, and presstitutes will not permit any questioning of the narrative.”


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