9 July, 2021

Negro Arrested in Senseless Triple Homicide

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If God exists, why would He create Black people? Obviously, he wouldn’t. Name one thing of value that Blacks have given the world. No, not twerking! The answer is: Blacks have given the world nothing of value. They are a failed race. Even Black writer Walter Williams said that Blacks were better off under White rule in South Africa. That means that Blacks need White leadership.

Apparently, the negro tried to rob the men, but the men resisted. Another man saw the crime go down, so all three men ended up dead. (Around Blacks, Never Relax).

What a good-looking family Mr. Siller left behind.

[Article] and [Article].

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  7. One Response to “Negro Arrested in Senseless Triple Homicide”

    1. Mad Man Martz Says:

      Was just commenting to my wife tonight how the founding fathers and (((others))) bringing the negro to America was possibly the single greatest tragedy to befall what could have been a virtual paradise on earth. I suppose they never imagined that the negro would be given equal status with the white man. And access to firearms.

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