28 July, 2021

NYC Mayor Says: the Era of Voluntary Covid Vaccines is Over

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He said “the voluntary phase (of Covid-19 vaccination) is over.” He wants mandates. Let that statement sink into your brain. I thought liberals were so carefree, so easy-going, so “live and let live.” Nope. Just the opposite: liberals are dictators. “It’s our way, or no way.” (One more time: since the faulty Covid PCR test has now been abandoned by the CDC, how do the bureaucrats know what the true Covid infection rates/death rates are? They don’t. So how do they know that America is currently having a “Covid crisis”? They don’t. So why are they pushing the Covid vaccines onto the public so hard? Good question. Why?? Who is giving all the liberals their marching orders, re: the Covid vaccines? Who?? Surely someone is).

[Video, 50 seconds].

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