2 July, 2021

Social Media Not Censored Enough?, or, Jewish Science Again

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Oh, this is rich! Social media is completely controlled and heavily policed by leftists who love the Covid-19 lockdowns and the Covid vaccines, and who push “climate change” hysteria 24/7. Yet, according to this article, social media isn’t policed enough because some “dangerous misinformation” is still seeping through it! OMG! Not misinformation! Anything but that!

“For example, the paper says that tech companies have “fumbled their way through the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, unable to stem the ‘infodemic’ of misinformation” that has hindered widespread acceptance of masks and vaccines.”

OMG! Acceptance of experimental, questionable vaccines is being hindered! Good heavens! Call the UN! Call the CIA! Call the pope!

And what about “crisis discipline”? That’s a clever phrase coined by an ethnic-Jew-turned-Buddhist, environmentalist/biologist Dr. Michael Soulé (1936-2020) [1]. It means “quick, let’s act before anyone can stop us from acting!” “Climate science” is such a discipline. “Hurry! Pass many laws now!” Curiously, Soulé studied under “the-world-will-end-soon” guru, biologist Paul Ehrlich, who had a Jewish mother named Rosenberg, making him Jewish under Jewish religious law. The more you study “science experts” the more you know why the Nazis called science “Jewish.” It very often is! The “experts” very often are Jews. Look at “global warming” propaganda. It came overwhelmingly from Jewish “experts.”



[1] source for Soulé being Jewish: the book “Spine of the Continent: The Race to Save America’s Last, Best Wilderness” by Mary Ellen Hannibal, 2013, page 54, web version

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