6 July, 2021

Some Murders Are Bad, Others Are Not?

Posted by Socrates in death penalty at 4:46 pm | Permanent Link

I have always found it curious: the liberals and the religious people have major compassion for death-row inmates. They want them to be spared, to be saved from being gassed, electrocuted, or injected.

But, what about the innocent (keyword) people who were murdered by the death-row inmates? What about them, and their families? The liberals and the religious people never say a word about the innocent victims. Why not? Apparently, some murders are bad, and some are not, depending on the circumstances.

If you shot two people during an armed robbery, then you should get what’s coming to you: a trip to the Pearly Gates. Why is murder only bad when the state kills a career criminal? Very odd. Some people may argue: “the state has no right to kill someone.” Really? If the state can send non-murderers off to die in wars, then it can send murderers to a lethal injection; 29 states have the death penalty.


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