4 July, 2021

The Liberated White Women of Today

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(Above: the beautiful feminist leader Betty Friedan [1921-2006]).

Back in the 1950s, White women were slaves. Evil White Men forced them to stay at home, have babies and bake things. How horrible! How cruel! What slavery!

But then, along came the wonderful Jewish feminists, such as Betty Friedan, Phyllis Chesler and Bella Abzug. Those feminists freed the White women from bondage! Yaaay! That “freedom movement” was called “women’s lib” (short for “women’s liberation”) back around 1971; it was all over the TV and in books and magazines. “Women’s lib” was the big thing then. Yaaaay!

Today, women are short men with tits. Yaaaay! Progress! Isn’t it funny how Jews have led all of the “liberation” movements? Civil rights, women’s rights, “gay” rights, tranny rights. What’s next? I don’t want to know.

Now, the free White women are free to do wonderful things, like boss men around in corporate boardrooms, and (as cops) *pretend* to break up bar fights, when actually it’s the male customers who break them up. Yaaaay! Women’s lib! Those free White women are also free to travel across Africa, solo, on motorcycles! How cool is that?? Yaaaay! Equality! What could go wrong with that? Actually, I can think of a dozen things that could go wrong with that, all of them involving Black males.

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    1. Whitewil Sux Says:

      “Today, women are short men with tits.”

      Correction: tits and tats.

      One of my very intelligent kids has fallen for this feminist crap hook, line, and sinker. Thanks, college.