7 July, 2021

Why Are So Many Vaccinated People Getting Covid?

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Vaccine? It’s a “vaccine”? Then why have so many “vaccinated” people gotten Covid-19? (By the way: did you know that lots of officials have faked “getting the jab”? Yes, and some were caught on film faking it [1]. Which is very interesting. They tell the public to get the jab, but they don’t want it).

“According to the Times of Israel, the young man who distributed the virus at the party was vaccinated. He, in turn, had become infected from a relative who had also been vaccinated, and that relative had become infected from a person who was also vaccinated and who was recently in London. It is unclear which variant of the coronavirus it is.”



[1] big money says that hundreds of officials have faked “getting the jab”:
[Short Video] and [Short Video]

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