8 August, 2021

Covid Control Groups Again, or, a Real Conspiracy is Afoot

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This is shaping up to be a genuine conspiracy. Really.

Add these two things together and what do you get?: 1) Big Pharma wiped out the control group in the Covid-19 vaccines study (thereby voiding the study results; why on earth would anybody do that?); 2) and now, Big Medical is threatening to cancel the medical licenses of doctors who spread “misinformation” about Covid. Yes. Here in America! Land of the free! This adds up to a real conspiracy designed to fool the public about the true nature of Covid [1].

[Article] and [Image of article].


[1] “Whenever a company tests a new drug, it uses two groups of people. Group A (the experimental group) takes the real drug. Group B (the control group) takes a placebo (a fake drug, e.g., a sugar pill). Neither group knows whether it is getting the real drug or a placebo. After the testing is completed, the two groups are compared. Right now in America, the unvaccinated people are the control group. We’re the normal people. But the government and the Big Pharmas don’t want a control group. They don’t want two groups of people comparing notes about the Covid vaccines, both now and five years from now. If everyone is vaccinated, then there is no control group.” — VNN, Aug. 2, 2021

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