2 August, 2021

Covid Vaccines: We Are the Control Group

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Many people have asked this question: “if the Covid-19 vaccines suck, then why does the government and Big Pharma want to vaccinate everybody in America with Covid vaccines?” That’s why: because the vaccines suck.

In fact, they knew the Covid vaccines sucked from the beginning, but many billions of dollars were at stake, and many promises were made, so they put on a “dog-and-pony show.” They faked everything.

Whenever a company tests a new drug, it uses two groups of people. Group A (the experimental group) takes the real drug. Group B (the control group) takes a placebo (a fake drug, e.g., a sugar pill). Neither group knows whether it is getting the real drug or a placebo. After the testing is completed, the two groups are compared.

Right now in America, the unvaccinated people are the control group. We’re the normal people. But the government and the Big Pharmas don’t want a control group. They don’t want two groups of people comparing notes about the Covid vaccines, both now and five years from now. If everyone is vaccinated, then there is no control group.

Apparently, the original idea for the vaccines was to get all of the sheeple in America quickly vaccinated by June or July 2021. But it didn’t happen, because there are far fewer sheeple than they realized. Oops! Too many smart people doubted the rushed, experimental vaccines. Now there are billions of dollars worth of crappy vaccines gathering dust. Also at stake are billions of dollars worth of future government contracts, which some of the Big Pharmas may not get now.

(A typical article about the “need” for mandatory Covid vaccinations. Notice the hyperbolic language: the vaccines are “miraculously effective.” Oh, really?? “Miraculously”?? If the vaccines are “miraculously effective” then how come they don’t work?? Indeed, the vaccinated must now wear masks again!)

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