15 August, 2021

Postmodern Philosophy is Dangerous and Jewish

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(Above: the tiny Jew, Jacques Derrida, channeling his inner movie star; he no doubt saw himself as a celebrity, which he was in a sense, i.e., he was probably the most famous postmodern philosopher, or anti-philosopher since postmodernism is not a “for” but an “anti” movement. Derrida was famous for saying stupid things like: “there is no such thing as truth. There are only opinions.” That’s dangerous talk, especially if a White teenager hears it and starts believing it; Derrida didn’t believe it himself, but he knew it was harmful to White culture, which is why he spouted it).

To repeat: circa 1960, Marxism was nearly dead. It had run its course. It was “old hat” and was dying on the vine. Then, just before it died, it was revived by intellectuals (of course!), and it’s now known as postmodernism (postmodern philosophy). Fraudulent Jews like Jacques “little turd” Derrida and homosexual child-molesters like Michel Foucault are the big heroes of postmodernism. That should almost tell you what you need to know about it.

Postmodern philosophy is dangerous. It denies reality. It denies truth and logic. It attacks White Western culture. In fact, “postmodernists are mentally ill” is a true statement. They should all be locked up at the giggle farm, straight-jacketed and drooling on themselves while watching Mister Rogers on the TV. Instead, postmodernists teach History at big universities in New York. Why? How? Good questions. When you find out, lemme know. (Trivia: there are over 200 colleges and universities in New York. Yes, you’re right, that’s totally ridiculous).

Western philosophy is about truth and logic and reason. But postmodern philosophy goes against those things — in fact, postmodern philosophy could be called “not philosophy but anti-philosophy.” It says, basically: “reject all logic, all objectivity, all science, and all truth in the West, from The Enlightenment (circa 1720) onward, because there’s no such thing as logic, objectivity, science and truth. Those things are Western and White and modern, and all humans vary and all humans have different realities and perspectives. Your White reality and Mexican Juan’s reality and Nigger Jim’s reality may be three different things and none of them are superior to the others.” Postmodernism is an anti-Western/anti-White philosophy.

Postmodernism is a broad attack on Western culture and Western values: it attacks our art, our architecture, our literature, our politics, our heritage; our traditions are dismissed as fraudulent. Postmodernism has a communistic attitude to it, e.g., it rejects the idea of high art and low art (in other words, in postmodern thought there is no difference between a skilled artist like Rembrandt and a kid spray-painting graffiti on an alley wall: both are “artists” and they’re both equal in skill and importance. Indeed, Postmodernism is often called “postMarxism.” Like Critical Theory, postmodernism is based on criticism and on tearing-down the existing order of things. It’s basically Cultural Marxism, but more severe in many ways as it denies reality, like Alice In Wonderland).

Importantly for us, the main feature of postmodernism is social constructionism, which says: “almost everything in society is a man-made social construct and therefore is not genuinely, organically real.” The theory of social constructionism is Jewish, i.e., the idea of almost everything being an “invented and unnatural construct” (like race) came, collectively, from the Jew, Emile Durkheim (the founder of the field of sociology) circa 1900 and from the Jew, Max Scheler (from his “sociology of knowledge” theory) circa the 1920s, and also from a few other Jews who influenced Scheler, such as Karl Mannheim, Edmund Husserl and Alfred Schutz; ditto the famous Jewish writer/columnist Walter Lippmann, as he contributed to it, too. So you can call social constructionism “at least 90% Jewish in origin, maybe even 95%” (and I even left out Peter L. Berger) [1]. So the core of postmodern philosophy is Jewish.

Today, postmodernism has expanded into every part of Western society: art, architecture, politics, literature, music, film — there’s no area of society that postmodernism hasn’t corrupted.


[1] sadly, the White gentile philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, contributed to the theory of social constructionism by saying that “facts are precisely what there is not, only interpretations.” (Nope. Either something is a fact or it isn’t a fact. I get his point, that opinions will vary, but nonetheless, that’s still a dangerous thing to say to the masses, it’s a slippery slope. It leads directly to assholes like Derrida saying that “there’s no such thing as truth or reality”; thankfully, that Nietzsche quote is from late in his life, when he was already half-insane, so maybe he was just having a mental “episode” that day).

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