17 August, 2021

Project Five

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The sun is quickly setting on White people, unless we all collectively wake up and say “no” to the genocide of our people.

As a White person, you no doubt know five White people: your uncle, your cousin, your friends, etc.

Here’s an idea: it’s called Project Five. It’s very simple. Here’s how it works: you simply introduce five White people to the works of the White philosopher, Dr. William Pierce (1933-2002). His works are found online, and they come in both text and audio formats (most of them, anyway).

Just think of five White people who you think might be receptive to the pro-White message, and give them/send them links to Dr. Pierce’s works. There are a few in particular that are very good, such as:

— How It Fits Together

— The Roots of Civilization

— Fear of the Smear

— The Health of the Nation

You could give those five White people both audio and texts of Pierce’s works. Some people might like audio better, but some might like text better.

The great thing about this project is that it can be repeated again and again. Simply ask those five White people to do what you did and introduce Dr. Pierce’s works to another five White people, and so on.

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    1. Creepy Ass Cracka Says:

      I can only talk to a sibling about race realism. A neighbor moved away due to the enrichment and property values dropping like a stone.
      He is older and not a fighter, the faux gang graffiti on the neighborhood entrance scared him off.
      Orcs are hyped up after hiding behind hymiegov for decades and they fold up like a dollar store lawn chair if you stick up for yourself.
      They are used to whitebread Mittens Romney types or the egalitarian shitlib mongos.