8 August, 2021

Race Does Not Matter??

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Oh, this is rich, coming from a Jewish activist (Dennis Prager). As if White Western culture was founded by Blacks, or Browns, or Asians. No! It was founded only by Whites! If race doesn’t matter, then explain Africa, which is an entire continent full of semi-retarded losers; a large percentage of the people in Africa are borderline-idiots (i.e., with IQs in the 70s; think about that) [1].

The point here? Race very much matters. Race is everything. Whites built the world. Race is so much more than “skin color.”

[Video; see starting at the 4:00 mark].


[1] IQ means “intelligence quotient.” IQ tests measure “general intellectual ability” or “the ability to recognize and solve problems.” Black/Brown people have lower IQs than White people. The average IQ of a White person is 100. The average IQ of a Black/Brown person is 85. The average IQ of a negro in Africa is 75 to 80 (scores between 70 and 79 are in the “borderline mentally retarded” range).

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