18 August, 2021

Smelling a Rat

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At first, the 2-part Covid-19 “vaccine” was called the ticket to good health.

But now, they say you need a “booster shot” after only 8 months! Seems like a crappy vaccine. And the “Delta variant” (which apparently is caused by the vaccine itself) may kill you before that.

The Covid narrative keeps changing! Every month there’s a new story! Next month they’ll tell us something else, and then again the next month.

Anyone who gets a third “jab” is a fool. The “experts” don’t even know the long-term side effects of the first two jabs! That will amount to having 3 experimental vaccines in your body that aren’t FDA approved (not that that would really matter anymore).

“The Biden Administration will advise a Covid booster shot for most Americans 8 months after vaccination. Americans who received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be advised to get the 3rd shot by mid-September to protect against the Delta variant, according to the New York Times.”


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