16 August, 2021

Thoughts on Globalism and the One-World Movement

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(Above: the UNESCO Brown Man, circa 1960. Faceless, featureless, raceless, he’s the globalist ideal, the perfect New World Citizen. He’s a rube, a drone who faithfully follows all orders issued by a global parliament, e.g., the UN, the EU, NATO, etc.).

The West is moving in a scary direction: towards globalism. International control. Bureaucrats making decisions for you from 6,000 miles away in Belgium or Sweden.

Under globalism, you can say “goodbye” to local and regional governments. In the future, all decisions will be made by global entities, such as the UN, UNESCO, NATO, the EU, the W.H.O., and so on and so forth. For example, Omaha, Nebraska won’t make decisions for itself. The UN will make decisions for Omaha. Now, that might make a liberal say “yaaaay!” but it should make you say “no goddamn way!!” (Currently, the W.H.O. is making lots of global decisions regarding Covid-19 policies).

You can see global control right now with Hungary: all sorts of globalists are trying to bully Hungary, to tell it how it will govern itself! That’s a direct violation of Hungary’s natural sovereignty. All countries have natural sovereignty [1]. Even Saddam’s Iraq had natural sovereignty (yeah, I know: look what happened to Saddam. If only Saddam had not launched Scud missiles at Israel in 1991. That was his downfall. Nobody launches large missiles at the Jews! Nobody! They’re God’s Pets! You don’t missile Pets! That’s not “allowed”! Big no-no!).

Get used to saying “no” to globalism now, because it will be too late to say “no” to it later. If it’s global in scope, reject it. Whatever it is. You don’t want it.


[1] “Global warming”/”climate change” policy is another thing that has gone totally global: the green Marxists in Europe and America are trying to tell the entire world how to “fight climate change.”

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