14 August, 2021

Transhumanism, or, From People to Sheeple

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In the Soviet Union circa 1917, the communists said that they needed to create a “new man.” A type of man who would embrace communism rather than reject it. Out with the “old man” and in with the “new man.”

Transhumanism seeks the same thing. It seeks to use technology to “create a new or better man.” (Using technology to improve mankind is, in my opinion, merely looking for trouble, no matter how lofty your goals may be. Transhumanism is “messing with nature” and it can only end badly. It’s Orwellian. Are we ready for 7-foot-tall, bionic, half-cyborg people? Transhumanism is popular with libertarians, environmentalists and sci-fi geeks)[1][2].

Anyway, it seems that Covid-19 was a “transhumanistic”-type attempt at turning people into sheeple (sheep). “Better Living Through Vaccines!” and so forth. Via Covid-19, the citizens would “get used to” yearly vaccines, and frequent booster shots, for this or that disease. By using the endless vaccines, the transhumanists in the government would more or less control the population. “Sorry, you can’t work or travel unless you have ‘X’ or ‘Y’ vaccination” and so on and so forth. The people would be transformed into sheeple. This is basically communism, which is seen by many government and globalist types as a good thing.

But the Covid thing didn’t go as planned! Not nearly. Only about 25% of the Western population embraced “Better Living Through Vaccines!” Oops, said the bureaucrats! So now, in Australia, for example, they’re starting to use force against the people who reject “Better Living Through Vaccines!” The people didn’t react as they had planned. “Better Living Through Vaccines!” has gone nowhere fast. Can they rescue the plan? Maybe, if they use enough force. But that’s very risky.

By the way, the godfather of transhumanism was Julian Huxley (1887-1975), who was the first Director of UNESCO (an arm of the UN). Nice globalist pedigree, there!


[1] “Transhumanism is a philosophical movement, the proponents of which advocate and predict the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities.” — Wikipedia, Aug. 2021. Transhumanism should not be confused with merely improving yourself or your race, which is of course desirable.

[2] Many superheroes are transhuman, e.g., Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America and Wolverine, according to a web article

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