31 August, 2021

White Liberals Rejoice at Whites Becoming a Minority

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“White Racists Are Evil and Deserve Payback for Past Treatment of Non-Whites”

That’s not true at all. White people have given the world much more than they have taken away. Indeed, Whites invented the world [1]. We even gave the Brown people democracy and the concept of free speech (and look what they did with those things! Most Brown countries today don’t have either of them in any significant quantities).

Anyway, only White people would see their upcoming group extinction circa 2050 (in 30 years) as a good thing. What fools White liberals are. They really are mentally ill. That’s a fact.



[1] see the vital, 2001 article “Lost in the Swamp of Modernity” by Peter Watson. A key quote from it:

“What shocked me were my interviews with scholars of non-western cultures. Here, I am referring not only to western specialists in the great non-western traditions, but scholars who were themselves born into those traditions – Arab archaeologists or writers, economists and historians from India and China, poets and dramatists from Japan and Africa. All of them – there were no exceptions – said the same thing. In the 20th century, in the modern world, there were no non-western ideas of note.” — writer Peter Watson, “Lost in the Swamp of Modernity,” in the British magazine “The New Statesman,” 29 October 2001.

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