7 August, 2021

You Have to Wonder: is Covid Nothing More Than a Clever Attack on White Conservatives?

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(Hat tip: Aryan Christian)

By far, the people hardest hit by the Covid-19 chaos are conservative Whites. Take, for example, White property owners and the eviction moratorium. Most of the people who own rental houses/apartments in America are Whites “of a conservative bent.” Renters in America are disproportionately Black/Brown. They have been getting free rent for many months. The property owners will go bankrupt. Ditto small-business owners in general, re: the Covid lockdowns/mandates. Ditto all conservatives in the entire West, in fact.

While liberals love change and chaos, conservatives hate change and chaos. It affects them in a much more negative way. They need “steady” and “routine.”

Covid-19: what a great way to knock the entire White conservative “world” off-balance and even destroy much of it! It’s almost as if somebody planned it.

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