26 September, 2021

A Main Reason Why Globalism is Wrong and Unnatural

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“We all know that people are the same wherever you go” — Paul McCartney, in his song “Ebony and Ivory” (1982).

Sorry, Paul, but that’s not true.

The world is made up of many local and regional cultures and communities: White people, Brown people, Asian people. They all have their own music, art, architecture, food, etc.

Globalism dilutes and even destroys local and regional communities. Is that natural? No. Natural would be to leave those communities alone. Don’t meddle with them. Let them do whatever they will.

The people who push globalist ideas are the same people who push “diversity” (“we must be diverse! We must embrace other cultures and other values and beliefs!” etc.).

Those diversity-lovers should realize that globalism will wipe out their beloved diversity. If you create a world that is “one people/one government/one currency/no races/no genders/no borders,” then you will no longer have any diversity. Local and regional things will vanish. Everything will be global in scope. Globalism cancels out local/regional things (such as Cajun culture in Louisiana, or Amish culture in Pennsylvania).

So, on one hand the globalists want to remake the world into one unit/one people, but at the same time, they worship and indeed demand diversity, which will be killed off if globalism continues to be pursued.

The one-worlders can’t have both. They must either choose diversity or choose globalism.

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