11 September, 2021

Australia: This Is Why White People Should Never Give Up Their Guns

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Do you own guns? Then you’re a citizen. Don’t own any guns? Then you’re a slave.

Medical Marxism has arrived in Australia. That’s right. There are people being held against their will in “Covid-19 medical camps” right now. It’s true. Internment camps for, ahem, “at risk” people. It’s too bad that Australians gave up their guns several years ago [1].

[A web podcast about Australia/Covid-19].


[1] one mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996 was all it took to convince frightened Aussies (most of them women) to support a major gun ban, which included gun “buy-backs,” universal gun registration, gun licensing, and proof of a good reason for wanting a gun permit/license. Self-defense is not considered a good reason! Rebecca Peters, a lesbian who works for the Open Society Institute, a private foundation funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros (surprise!), is the major anti-gun leader in Australia, and she is the founder of an international anti-gun organization. Here’s a quote about Peters:

“‘We do not want the American disease imported into Australia. Guns have become a blight on American society’….Public feeling—voiced through state-based coalitions for gun control—brought together hundreds of groups to support stronger, nationally uniform firearm legislation. From across the political spectrum, police unions, public health and suicide prevention practitioners, medical and law societies, women’s groups, senior citizens’ associations, rural counsellors, churches, the Country Women’s Association, the War Widows’ Guild—a total of 350 groups led by activist law student Rebecca Peters” [Here].

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