20 September, 2021

Checking the Power

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It’s true that there are about 50,000 or 60,000 powerful, rabid, America-hating, Trump-hating, White-hating elite millionaires/billionaires in America. Some are Jews, some aren’t. The top elites are usually Jews. They all hate normal White people.

But, there are 70 or 80 million blue-collar, conservative White men in America. Maybe even more than that. (The U.S. population is roughly 330 million, of which roughly 65% is White. It’s hard to know the real population numbers since some people don’t answer the census, or, lie).

Nonetheless, ponder that fact. It’s close enough: we outnumber them by many millions of people!

  • One Response to “Checking the Power”

    1. Pierre Says:

      Sure, but they have all the money in the world with which to buy as many people as they need, including Whites, to fight White people. That’s the problem.