30 September, 2021

Chimeras: Human-Monkey and Human-Pig Hybrids Coming Soon

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“This was the rationale for the development of monkey–human embryos reported in April. The international team of scientists that developed these chimaeras argued that if successful chimerism is more likely with more closely related host and donor species, then human cells should survive better in monkey embryos than in pig embryos.

“The researchers introduced human stem cells into macaque monkey embryos, and maintained these embryos in culture. They said that some embryos lived for up to 19 days, and that, in a small minority, human cells persisted throughout. This allowed them to check the gene-expression profiles of the human cells, to see how the genes responded to the monkey host environment.”

Paging Doctor Moreau! And to think, Moreau was doing his thing back in 1896!

Actually, we already have human-monkey hybrids. They’re called negroes. Heh-heh. Just drive to Detroit to see them.

But seriously, this is a very bad idea. Who knows what could happen? A bunch of chimeras could escape from a laboratory and run amok (you know, just like in Atlanta today, but much worse).


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