13 September, 2021

Covid: a Giant Lie and the Hospitals Know It

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So much for the Hippocratic Oath. The “treatment” for Covid-19 is far worse than Covid! You could go into a hospital for some ailment (not Covid) and end up being “diagnosed” as having Covid, and be “treated” as a Covid patient, and end up dead. As this nurse says, the PCR test is treated as gospel, even though false-positive test results are very common. What a nightmare. How many people have died in hospitals from “Covid” that wasn’t actually Covid? Lots of people, it sounds like.

There is, apparently, no such thing as the “Delta variant.” There’s no standard testing for it. The doctors just “guess” that someone has “Delta.” What a joke.

The Covid-19 lie will eventually destroy the medical community in America, once the awful truth is widely known. The citizens will no longer trust doctors and nurses. What used to be a respectable profession won’t be.

“Take 15 minutes and listen to this interview with a hospital nurse.” (This nurse says “stop watching the news.” Yes! Covid is 99% media-driven! Let’s hope thousands of lawsuits are filed against the media over its creation of the Covid hysteria).

“She says that what are called “breakthrough cases” and Delta variant cases are affecting mainly the vaccinated and are in fact adverse reactions to the vaccinations. She says hospitals and hospital doctors will not acknowledge the fact of adverse reactions and report adverse reactions to the vaccine as new Covid cases. The more Covid cases and Covid deaths, the more money the hospital makes, so reporting adverse vaccine reactions as new Covid cases is the way hospitals are maximizing their profits. Obviously, a hospital doctor who disagrees is out of a job. In other words, the truth about Covid and the vaccine is too costly to the hospital to be acknowledged.”

“The Covid lie began with the PCR test run at high cycles that made the test unreliable and a generator of a high rate of false positives. This is how the “pandemic” was created. Millions of people who did not have Covid were reported as having Covid because of the false positives generated by the PCR test. This intentional lie was used to create the fear that drove people to be guinea pigs for a dangerous experimental “vaccine.””


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