5 September, 2021

Leftism, the Long Con, or, Just Rename It

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Con-artists have two types of cons: the short con and the long con. The short con might last 10 or 20 minutes. The long con is more sophisticated, more detailed, may involve several people, and might last a week, or a month.

Liberalism is a very long con. It keeps going forever.

One of the ways liberals con people is by simply renaming things. That’s all. They just rename them! For example, liberals renamed “illegal aliens,” who are now called “undocumented workers.” (But there are all sorts of documents. What documents do they lack? The liberals never say).

In this example below (i.e., the 1967 movie “To Sir With Love”), a negro has become a “sir.” Well, he’s no “sir,” just like I’m no rocket scientist — and calling me a rocket scientist is a big insult to real rocket scientists! Old saying: what do you call a nigger in a new suit? A nigger, of course. He’s still the same old nigger, only now he looks better, seems better. Now they’ll let him into a fancy restaurant. Now he’s a professional! Same basic idea here. The liberal technique is: just rename something and *presto!* it’s transformed into something else, as if by magic! That clever idea came from postmodernism. Just call a negro “sir”! Just call a man a “woman”! Just call a bum a “prince”! Words alone can transform anything into something else! That’s what liberals believe, or, want us to believe anyway.

[Video, 3 minutes].

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