12 September, 2021

The Ending of the Historic American Nation

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Make no mistake: the Historic White American Nation was ended on purpose. It didn’t just simply “evolve” into being “something else.” It was murdered, beginning largely with the 1965 Immigration Act, which allowed millions of non-White immigrants to flood into America. (Trivia: Americans were told in 1965: “don’t worry, folks, this immigration law won’t change anything.” Many people actually believed that!) [1].

“But the Globalist American Empire of 2021 is, at best, a continent-wide shopping mall that peddles filth. At worst, it’s the base of operations for a fanatically anti-white elite that wants to spread its filthy creed to the entire world. Either way, my country is gone. And European-Americans are a stateless people.”



[1] “The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society.” — So lied Sen. Ted “Gimme More Liquor!” Kennedy about the 1965 Immigration Act, aka the Hart-Celler Act, on Feb. 10, 1965. The law was largely the work of Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler. Indeed, President Johnson mentioned Celler twice while signing it into law on Oct. 3, 1965 but he didn’t even mention Hart once! Celler was a demon who almost single-handedly wrecked America.

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