27 September, 2021

The Jewing of Western Law, From White to Non-White

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This quote is from a British law handbook (“The Critical Lawyers’ Handbook”
from 1992):

“From the mid-1960s onwards, there was a noticeable growth of sociolegal material into most but by no means all law degrees. The general form of these developments was to add, usually as options, subjects variously labelled as Sociology of Law, Law and Society etc. The aim was to focus on law in action and to criticise the expository approach for ignoring both the constituting influences on the form and content of law, and the impact or consequences of law. Such courses usually espoused an input-output model. The input of social, political and economic causation was manifested in the popularity of emergence studies of statute law. The output focused upon an action model of law conceived as a process with a number of key decision stages. The other feature of the trend was its introduction of theories normally excluded from the official corpus of jurisprudence. Max Weber and Karl Marx began appearing in reading lists for the first time.” [Here].

My comments:

1. The bogus field of Sociology is Jewish. It came from the Jew, Emile Durkheim.

2. The fact that the communist Jew, Karl Marx, would appear in reading lists in law schools is just plain wrong.

3. The famous Jewish judge, Louis Brandeis, invented the “Brandeis Brief” (in 1908) which is now common in law. A “Brandeis Brief” inserts non-legal, emotional, touchy-feely crap into legal arguments in an effort to sway the courts emotionally (that’s how Brown v. Board of Education triumphed at the U.S. Supreme Court in 1954. Interestingly, two Jews — Esther Swirk Brown and Jack Greenberg — were key players in the creation of, and triumph of, Brown v. Board of Education).

4. This is why law in the West today is almost totally fraudulent. It is no longer White law, but Judaized law.

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