20 October, 2021

Are White People Evil?

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Seen on the TV: a children’s book which suggests that White people are especially evil. The book was found in a public school.

There have been about 40 books published in the past 10 years that basically say: “White people are uniquely evil.” Many of these books are found in public schools. Many of the books are aimed at 7-year-olds. Isn’t that sickening? Most of the books push Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is a type of Cultural Marxism (i.e., it’s communism applied to culture rather than to economics. Communism is the denial of race, culture and creed, the belief in Universal Man/one-size-fits-all man. The Bolsheviks tried to build such men in Russia circa 1918, but they failed of course) [1].

Are White people evil? Let’s consider that question [2].

Did White people slap a few Indians around circa 1760? They probably did. But the Indians used to kidnap an innocent White man, tie him spread-eagle (i.e., face-up in an “X” position 2 feet off the ground) and then build a fire under him. Yeah. They would burn the White man alive, and giggle while he was burning. Yeah, I know, your history teacher never mentioned that. Neither did mine.

Did you know that the Indians spent most of their time waging war on other Indians? Yep. For example, the Pawnee tribe would wage war on the Sioux tribe, and the Blackfoot tribe would wage war on the Cheyenne tribe, and the Crow would wage war on the Mohawks, and so on and so on. It was an endless cycle of violence and death. Yeah, I know, your history teacher never mentioned that. Neither did mine. The Indians were savages. They were not civilized. We civilized them. They should thank us, but they won’t. (Yeah, yeah, I know: in the 1990 movie “Dances With Wolves” all the Indians are sweet, kind, lovable gentlemen who — you hoped — would pop out of the movie and marry your daughter. I saw that movie, too, unfortunately).

Here’s an idea: find an Indian and ask him if he would like to go live as his ancestors lived, in a teepee, freezing his nuts off on a prairie in Kansas in January. I’ll bet he’d say, “no thanks, I like my warm house just fine.”

As David Duke wrote, Whites have given the world much more than they have taken away. In fact, we Whites gave the world to mankind [3]. Everything of importance came from Whites. Such as? Let’s see: democracy (bad idea these days!), the concept of free speech, the telephone, the automobile, the bicycle, electricity, logic, the computer, the airplane, the TV set, the air conditioner/furnace, the radio/stereo, the lightbulb, the camera, the movie camera, the university (bad idea these days!), the telescope, the clock, the wristwatch, the refrigerator, concrete, proportion in art/architecture, dynamite, surveying equipment, the printing press, marine/sea navigation tools, the microscope, and space travel. And that’s the short list! I could type for days.

Fact: White people are gods in human form. That’s why the people who hate us (i.e., Jews, Marxists, liberals, queers) must tell lies about us constantly. They not only hate us, but they fear us. They fear what we can do.



[1] Not only is regular Marxism (i.e., economic Marxism) Jewish (because it came from Karl Marx), but so is a later type, known as Cultural Marxism. (Newbies, when I say “Jewish” I mean genetically/racially Jewish). The founders of Cultural Marxism were Jewish intellectuals at the Frankfurt School in NYC: Herbert Marcuse, Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Walter Benjamin, etc. Much of Cultural Marxism comes from Horkheimer’s “critical theory” idea, which is found in his 1937 essay “Traditional and Critical Theory.” (Critical Theory basically amounts to: “vigorously criticize everything about White culture!”). Cultural Marxism is a blend of Marxism and Freudianism (Freud was also a Jew) and it was invented because regular Marxism wasn’t popular enough. (Wonder why not??). It should be noted that the Frankfurt School Jews were involved in “de-programming” German citizens after WWII. In other words, they “Jewed” German culture.

[2] the Jewish “anthropologist” Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009) is the jerk who invented the idea that “White people are bad and non-White people are good” circa 1960. The late Jewish author Norman F. Cantor notes in his 1994 book (which I recommend) “The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews” that Levi-Strauss could be considered a godfather of left-wing thought since he developed/galvanized the concept of the ‘bad’ White world vs. the ‘good’ non-White world, which Cantor calls “the cardinal doctrine of all leftist-leaning thought since 1960”

[3] “In view of this queasy multiculturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race, and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor.” — author, writer and firearms legend Jeff Cooper (1920-2006), in Guns and Ammo magazine, August 1995, page 105

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