16 October, 2021

Fooling the Sheeple with the Covid Scam

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(Above: UK television news).

Remember when Covid-19 arrived in early 2020, and the health “experts” were counting almost all deaths as “Covid deaths” even when they weren’t? (For example, in the early days of Covid, one brave news reporter in Wisconsin, who was probably fired, noted that, “if a sky-diver jumped from a plane and his parachute didn’t open and he went ‘splat’ on the ground, he’d be listed as a ‘Covid death’ if they found any trace of Covid” in his mangled body). Well, the “experts” want you to forget all of that. Just forget all of the really, really crazy Covid death numbers, which seem to be pulled out of someone’s butt on a whim every week. (It reminds me of how president F.D. Roosevelt used to set the price of gold: during breakfast, he’d ask: “so, what do you want to list gold at today?” and his Jewish underling Henry Morgenthau, Jr. would say, “uuuhhhh, how about….uuhhhhh…how about $20 dollars per ounce?” FDR: “Make it $37.00.” Morgenthau: “Okay.”) [1].

They think we’re retards. Covid-19 is the greatest scam ever foisted on the West. Consider: the “vaccines” have been available for 10 months! Yet, we still have to wear face-masks (e.g., in Wyoming public schools)?? And the “vaccinated” people are getting Covid by the ship-load (look at Israel. Most new Covid cases are in the vaccinated!). As someone noted: “nothing about Covid makes sense.” Right. By design.


[1] “Congress gave the president the power first to seize the private gold holdings of American citizens and then to fix the price of gold. One morning, as Roosevelt ate eggs in bed, he and Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau decided to change the ratio between gold and paper dollars. After weighing his options, Roosevelt settled on a 21 cent price hike because “it’s a lucky number.” In his diary, Morgenthau wrote, “If anybody ever knew how we really set the gold price through a combination of lucky numbers, I think they would be frightened.” — article “New Dealing From the Bottom of the Deck” [Here]. Roosevelt was an evil man, as you can tell by this article: “Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace personally gave the order to slaughter 6 million baby pigs before they grew to full size. The administration also paid farmers for the first time for not working at all.”

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