13 October, 2021

Harmless Pot? It Is Not

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The lead singer for Soundgarden had a bad reaction to marijuana. Many people have. The problem is that marijuana varies greatly. Some pot makes you laugh long and hard. Other pot makes you sit quietly in a corner feeling like you’re on another planet. There’s no way of knowing beforehand. And caffeine makes it worse. Feeling like “the walls are closing in” is common. Don’t mess with street drugs. Pot is a street drug. It’s often sprayed with pesticides.

“Legalising and commercialising cannabis is well under way from Uruguay to Canada and in at least 10 states in the US.”
Of course it is! “Strangely,” Jews are heavily involved in the movement to legalize pot.


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  3. One Response to “Harmless Pot? It Is Not”

    1. Silver Shamrock Says:

      The mashed potato fountain at the buffet line and Hymie mind poison of media, popular contemporary music, teevee, woke Hollywood, are worse than a drug habit but there is no time for muh weed when the second Bolshevik Revolution is in full swing.
      Sativa is the energy drink in a plant form of cannabis while Indica is the heavy football helmet head and munchies after the “buzz” wears off.
      CCP is investing heavily in pot dispensaries and the quality is way down while the taxes are still very high.