18 October, 2021

Walmart: How Times Change!

Posted by Socrates in dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, postMarxism, postmodern baloney, postmodernism, postmodernism and reality denial, race as a social construct, race baloney, Race Denial, Walmart, Walmart in decline, War On Normal, War On White Males, War On White People at 5:06 pm | Permanent Link

I told you that race was just a “social construct”! You didn’t believe me! Now you know otherwise. I’ll bet you feel pretty stupid now, huh? Now, everyone knows that evil White males invented niggers. Yeah. They just rubbed two voodoo dolls together and invented half-ape/half-human freaks back in 1700, just because they wanted to oppress retards. Sure. Right.

Anyway. Back in 1991, if you walked into a Walmart store, you would see 500 American flags on display, in various parts of the store. Today? Well, little man, let’s just say: it ain’t your daddy’s Walmart anymore. But it is your sister’s!


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