15 October, 2021

White Nationalism For Retards

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(Note: well, well! It seems that some people objected to Alex’s quote that was posted yesterday, 10/14/21. This is a response to those ridiculous objections).

It’s really sad that I would have to write this. But, some White men just don’t grasp what White Nationalism is about. Why don’t they? I don’t know. Fetal alcohol syndrome? Too much Bible-reading? They’re “whupped”? (probably).

But don’t worry, this tutorial is easy and won’t take long. Four minutes, tops. I’ll even bold the key parts for you! That’s me, Mr. Helpful! Always trying to help the under-brained!

1. There is a thing called White Western Culture. That means “the cultures of all of the White countries combined” (America, Canada, England, France, Sweden, etc.). White Western Culture was invented and maintained by White men. Only White men. One more time: only White men! Not Blacks. Not Browns. Not Asians. Not women.

2. Jews are the greatest enemy of White Western Culture. Jews are not White. They look White, sure, but they aren’t genetically White! They’re sneaky, oily, greasy White-people-haters. Whites should have kicked them out of the Western world centuries ago, but for reasons I won’t go into now (*cough* Christians *cough*), they were never kicked out. Jews are currently destroying White Western Culture in a dozen different ways, e.g., advocating for non-White immigration.

3. White Nationalism is a racial movement, run by White men, that seeks to preserve White Western Culture. A great example of White Nationalism is “Nazi Germany” (i.e., National Socialist-run Germany, 1933-1945).

4. White women are great. I love them. Really. Some of my favorite girlfriends were women! Shocking, huh?? That being said, White women have nothing to do with White Nationalism. White Nationalism is a White male movement. Did you get that? Now, do I want White women in White Nationalism? Yes! Sure! Of course! And if they want to come along with us men, great! But we White Nationalists do not, and must not, tailor our language based on whether Lisa or Debbie will like it. If Lisa wants to associate with White Nationalists, but she doesn’t like certain White Nationalist language, she has two choices: accept it, or stop associating with White Nationalists. Again, White Nationalism is a White male movement. It has nothing to do with women per se. White Nationalism does not exist to please women, Jews, Blacks, Browns or midgets. Learn it, live it.

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