25 November, 2021

Brown People On Thanksgiving

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Brown Person #1: “Why did the White people have to civilize us?”

Brown Person #2: “Yes, why? I was perfectly okay with shitting in the woods!”

Brown Person #3: “Right! And what’s wrong with believing in evil spirits and scalping people???”

Brown Person #4: “The Whites think that they’re better than us, just because they gave us democracy, electricity, the lightbulb, logic, the bicycle, the automobile, the airplane, dentistry, indoor plumbing, the concept of free speech, the telephone, the computer, machine tools, the TV set, the air conditioner/furnace, the radio/stereo, the camera, the movie camera, the university, the telescope, the clock, the wristwatch, the refrigerator, concrete, proportion in art/architecture, dynamite, surveying equipment, the printing press, marine/sea navigation tools, the microscope, the law of universal gravitation, and space travel. We have also invented important things, like…uhhhhh….like….uhhhhh….like…well….uhmmmm…”

(Okay, Brown people invented tacos, I’ll give them that…)

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