19 November, 2021

One Reason Why Leftists are Crazy: Borderline Personality Disorder

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You know how an 8-year-old kid is “always right”? But children grow out of it. Liberals don’t. “The earth is warming due to human-created CO2! And that’s the end of the matter, you Nazi thug! Case closed!” Liberals never grow up. They are perpetual children.

Also, liberals have no morals. They only have fake morals. Pretend morals. They can watch Fidel Castro execute priests and teenagers in Cuba (which he did) and think nothing about it, and deny it ever happened! (I recall circa 1983 a White, American singer had a song praising the communist Sandinista thugs of Nicaragua as “saviors of the people” — never mind the fact that they were terrorists and killers who brought untold misery and death to Nicaragua). Liberals are dangerous people who should be banned by federal law from holding any positions of power or authority: governor, mayor, etc. If you’re mentally defective, you shouldn’t rule over other people. Look at the top Covidians. Almost all of them are leftists (or Jews — same thing usually, but worse).

“With psychological projection (as opposed to political projection) there are no gray areas in the belief structure: The other person is all bad. There is no circumstance in which a person (or political party) is understood to possess a combination of both good and bad features.

Psychological projection is also an unconscious process. It is not a choice. It is not subject to self-reflection (other than in therapy). The belief “just is.” Like air.”


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