23 November, 2021

Sexuality In a Sick Society

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by Dr. William L. Pierce (January 1983).

“Everyone is aware that a sexual revolution has taken place in the West since the Second World War. Most people think of this revolution primarily in terms of the “liberation” of women, as seen in their increased role in economic life outside the home and a few traditional occupations; and of freer – or more promiscuous, depending on one’s viewpoint – sexual relations between men and women, attributed to the breakdown of traditional morality under the impact of the mass media and facilitated by “the pill” and legalized abortion. The sexual revolution also has other facets, however, which, although not as widely recognized or publicized as those mentioned above, are of a more fundamental nature. One of these, the demasculinization of the Western male, together with the reaction of the Western female to this, is a cause for grave concern among thoughtful persons, even those who generally approve of the wider economic role women have today and do not regret the disappearance of the fear of pregnancy as a check on premarital sex.”


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