4 November, 2021

The Mind of the Leftist

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Liberals have brains that don’t work properly. When they were in the wombs, bad things happened. Genes went haywire: the “logic gene” never developed within them, but the “emotion gene” within them became over-developed. They cannot make decisions without bringing emotion and illogical thinking into play [1]. Read about “affect intensity” (AI) [2].

Leftists are defective people. Abnormal people. They should not hold public office, they should not make political or medical decisions, and they should not care for children (in fact, liberals should be banned from having, or caring for, children. Allowing a liberal to babysit your kids is de facto child abuse).



[1] I once was screamed at by a liberal man over what began as a (I thought) calm discussion about gun control. He was literally screaming in my face, shaking with rage, after I defended the Second Amendment, and this guy was a 40-year-old, White professional with a college degree. I’ve seen calmer and smarter 7-year-olds.

[2] a “high AI” (affect intensity) person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion. Of all humans, White males rate lowest in AI. Non-Whites and women rate higher in AI — this used to be known as being “high-strung” or temperamental; I’ve seen Blacks go off like hand grenades: one second they seem normal, but the next second they’re stabbing someone to death over a perceived “insult”; yes, AI explains “Trump Derangement Syndrome” perfectly. That’s what it is: high AI. I’ve seen liberals actually say that Donald Trump is a Nazi. An actual, goose-stepping Nazi. Ha!

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