16 November, 2021

The War On White People Heats Up Even More

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Newbies, I hate to spread bad news, but: if you think America is going to vote its way back to being a White republic, you’re crazy. It won’t happen. Yes, we Whites have made a few gains politically lately, but don’t be fooled: we aren’t going to solve our problems by voting for Idiot A or Idiot B [1].

“Harrison Hill Smith, a Texas radio host, was denied monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID because he is white, not black or Hispanic.”



[1] America was a White republic until circa 1964, when the New Left was born: for example, Freedom Summer, and the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, both happened in 1964, and Jewish communist Herbert Marcuse’s landmark book “One-Dimensional Man” was also published that year; his book is considered to be the bible of the New Left. Also, the traitor, president Lyndon Johnson, was elected in Nov. 1964.

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