2 December, 2021

Aspects of Roe v. Wade

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Roe v. Wade is more proof that liberals are greasy people who never follow the Constitution.

The 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision (which legalized abortion federally) was a joke. It was a gift to the feminists and the leftists, and nothing more. It was not based on Constitutional law and the leftists know it, hence the reason they are currently nervous about Roe being overturned.

Getting an abortion is not a private act; it does not happen in your house or car, there is a doctor and nurse present, and insurance paperwork, so therefore, abortion has nothing to do with a woman’s “privacy.” Roe was all leftist bullshit.

Roe greatly aided the feminist movement by “freeing” young women from the “chains” of motherhood. “Ohhh, the chains! Now I have 2 carpet gophers so I can’t have an exciting career at Big Corporation X! I’m doomed!”

Furthermore, the abortion industry is heavily Jewish, which of course isn’t surprising. Every creepy industry is dominated by Jews: porno, toxic waste, Hollywood, the media.

Having said that, probably a million Black babies have been aborted since Roe. So there is one good thing about it.

The leftists worship the Roe decision: according to them it was the best court decision in American history. In fact, leftists cannot imagine life without Roe (pun intended). So if Roe is overturned (and it likely will be), liberals will be having nervous breakdowns all across America and will be committing suicide by the thousands. For them, an America without Roe is totally unthinkable (which is funny: if Roe is overturned, abortion will merely become a state issue; each state would decide whether to allow abortion or not; liberal states like California would no doubt allow it).


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