8 December, 2021

Cornholing Cameljockeys in Combat

Posted by Socrates in Afghanistan, Islam, Muslims, Muslims and pedophilia at 2:30 pm | Permanent Link

An essay about Afghan militia fighters and homosexual activity/pedophilia (which is surprising, given their Islamic beliefs).

Afghan fighter #1: “Ohhhh, ohhhh, Farzaad! (*swoon*)…I didn’t know that you had such deeeep feelings for me! Ohhhh!” (*swoon*).

Afghan fighter #2: “I really don’t, Abdul! The truth is, I’d screw a Golden Retriever — in fact, I did screw one last Tuesday! Now, hold still, Abdul!”

“The idea of homosexuality among rugged Afghan fighters was treated–often within the same article–both as a cultural curiosity and as an instance of abusive pedophilia. In the end, these Western press’s accounts revealed at least as much about current Western fears and prejudices as about the local practices they concerned.”


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