11 December, 2021

EU Bullying: Globalism Is Indeed a Violation of Your Freedoms

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Why does “The Other” always have more rights than we do — and we’re talking about the Western world! Europe! [1].

What’s a “hate crime?” Who decides what is, and isn’t, “hate”? Some Jew sitting behind a desk, that’s who [2].

Anyway, you can have freedom, or globalism. Not both. Part of being a human in the West is having the freedom to stand up and say: “I don’t like “X” or “Y.” That’s free speech and White men gave the idea of free speech to the world.

Globalism is being used as a weapon to enslave White people. All of Europe must quit the EU. It’s merely Marxism with a briefcase, “Che” wearing a suit-and-tie.

“Moreover, the fact that ‘hate’ will be defined by unelected Eurocrats is not only undemocratic, but also dangerous, and could be used to curtail free speech, or indeed dissent.”



[1] “The Other” means “anyone who isn’t a White male”

[2] Europe’s first “hate crime” law, called the Race Relations Act of 1965 (formerly known as “The Group Libel Law”) came from a Jew, the British Home Secretary Frank Soskice who wasn’t even British: he came from Russia. Most “hate crime” laws in the Western world have come from Jews — which is sort of hilarious since the Jews invented racial-hatred-as-official-doctrine before the era of Christ, i.e., their claim that they are “God’s Chosen People” and are therefore superior to all other humans. Do you really think God would “choose” the Jews: a race (by inbreeding) of swindlers and con-men? I seriously doubt it. Trivia: a few years ago, one Jew said, with a straight face, that the Jews never claimed that they were “chosen” by God. He said that the Jews were instead a “choosy people” (that they choose wisely)! Ha-ha!! Wonder how many people bought that one??

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