26 December, 2021

Flying the Jewish Airlines, or, Maximizing Profits at Your Expense

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(This is a rant about constant, big-corporate bullying of the citizens).

Airplane “overbooking” = a very common practice today. Thanks, Jews, for taking over Big Capitalism.

Example: a commercial airline sells too many plane tickets for “Flight 175” (there are 80 seats on the plane but they sell 86 tickets), but then later, the airline removes passengers from the flight on the excuse that it “overbooked” the flight by selling too many tickets in order to potentially save the airline money, since usually a few people never show up for a flight.

That’s so Jewish. It’s dishonest to sell tickets for airplane seats that “don’t actually exist” (80 seats, but 86 tickets sold, and 6 passengers are later “bumped” from the flight; sometimes the “bump” is voluntary — i.e., a passenger steps forward and agrees to be bumped in exchange for a travel voucher — but other times the bump is not voluntary, i.e., if everyone shows up for the flight and no one steps forward and agrees to be bumped, then 6 people will be bumped against their will. Overbooked flights were rare until the 1970s; back then, most flights were usually only 50% full).

Let America get back to White behavior and leave Jewish behavior to the yids.

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