12 December, 2021

How Will Doctors Get Their Reputations Back? With Great Difficulty

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Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath, which includes avoiding “therapeutic nihilism” (i.e., overtreatment with too many fancy cures). The original Greek oath said, “I will willingly refrain from doing any injury or wrong from falsehood” (strangely, the new, 1964 oath omits this promise; importantly, not all doctors today take the oath; it’s a safe bet that in NYC they never take it).

Well, not only have thousands of doctors violated their Oath during the Covid-19 scamdemic (e.g., by urging people to get the toxic, still-experimental “jab” knowing full well that it’s not safe), but it’s much worse than that.

These days, many people won’t go to a hospital when they have chest pains or other ailments. They’re afraid to go, for several logical reasons: catching Covid; Covid vaccine “shedding” [1]; they also fear that, once in a hospital, the doctors will try to vaccinate them with the toxic jab against their will.

Bottom line: not only have doctors violated their Oaths on a massive scale during the Covid scam, but, they have indirectly caused many more injuries and deaths by creating a climate of fear among the populace re: getting health care.

How will doctors regain the public’s trust? Only with great difficulty. Some people may never trust doctors again. You can’t blame them. Nice going, you lab-coated fools. That’s what you get for worshipping ridiculous CDC and HHS mandates, instead of thinking logically about medicine. “Common sense”: get some.

(One more thing: the Hippocratic Oath must now be revised to include: “I will not politicize diseases nor use fear to cure them”).


[1] “shedding”: the term refers to a vaccinated person “shedding” or transmitting the COVID-19 vaccine (or its side effects) through their skin or saliva or orifices onto non-vaccinated people.

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