29 December, 2021

Ireland: Globalism Enables the Covid Scam

Posted by Socrates in Covid as a control device, Covid as a cult, covid as a psyop, Covid Derangement Syndrome, Covid-19, Covid-19 as a scam, Covid-19 vaccines, Covid-stupid, Covidians, global citizenship/world citizenship, global entities such as UN and NATO, global government, Global Man, global vs. local/regional, globalization, WHO at 3:29 pm | Permanent Link

Globalism always causes trouble. Nothing good comes from making things international in scope.

Every country on earth gets its “Covid-19 marching orders” from WHO (World Health Organization), which gets the Covid orders from powerful globalists in America.

What if the world’s countries thought and acted for themselves, instead of taking orders from globalist billionaires? What a wonderful idea.


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