2 December, 2021

Jews: Autistic Mosquitos

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Jew: “I’m saving the world by fomenting endless physical and intellectual revolutions! You should be thanking me!”

White Man: “No, you’re not saving the world. You’re destroying the White civilizations which created the world!”

Jew: “Ha! Liar! You just hate Jews! You’re an anti-Semite!”

Symptoms of autism include: “repetitive behavior and restricted interests.” People with autism “fixate on particular things.” Like, say, endless nation-wrecking since the Roman times???! Jews follow behavioral patterns. You won’t find Jews hunting ducks or fixing cars or skiing or climbing mountains like White men. They’ll be in a library in NYC reading Marx or Freud, or organizing a political protest against a Donald Trump-type who they call a “Nazi.” They have certain behavioral habits and they rarely deviate from them. The Jews can’t recognize their own creepy behavior. Their “tikkun olam” is our poison [1].

One key feature in all Jews: they are never, ever satisfied. That’s the reason why Jews are the shit-stirrers of mankind. Nothing satisfies them. They are restless, autistic children who can’t sit still. They must stir up shit. They cannot not stir up shit.

Jews: the mosquitos of humanity.

This is called “Message of the Non-Jewish Jew” by Jewish writer and political activist Isaac Deutscher (1907-1967) (this article originally came from a 1958 lecture by Deutscher and it was popular with Jewish radicals of the 1960s).

“Spinoza‚Äôs ethics were no longer the Jewish ethics, but the ethics of man at large” (So the Jew, Spinoza, became Everyman, or, Everyman became a Jew by reading Spinoza??).



[1] “tikkun olam” means “repairing the world”

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