16 December, 2021

On the New West Side Story Remake, or, the Great Jewish Way

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Old saying: “a Jew can make more money by accident than you can make on purpose.” Since this post is about the heavily-moneyed entertainment business, I just thought to mention that. (It’s no accident that the mafia’s banker and financial wizard was a Jew: Meyer Lansky. So was Al Capone’s: Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik).

Given the fact that New York City is a Jewish city (“The Big Bagel”), and, that the Broadway theater district in NYC was built by Jews [1], and that Hollywood was also built by Jews (and still is Jewish) [2], and that Spielberg is also a Jew, this quote seems kind of unnecessary:

“Developed for Broadway in 1957 by four gay Jews — director and choreographer Jerome Robbins, writer Arthur Laurents, composer Leonard Bernstein, and lyricist Stephen Sondheim — West Side Story rightfully comes up in almost every argument over what is the best American musical.”

The Jews are “people” people. Wheelers and dealers. Movers and shakers. They can sell sand to Arabs and booze to moonshiners. They can convince you that you need another pair of wing-tip shoes when you have 43 pairs already. There’s a reason why rich rock stars have Jewish managers (among the more notorious being Herb Cohen, who managed Frank Zappa, among many others).

Trivia: Broadway used to be called “The Great White Way.” Seems more like the Great Jewish Way.

[Movie review].


[1] since circa 1900, the titans of Broadway have been Jews: Marc Klaw and Abraham Erlanger, and after them, the Shubert Brothers (Lee, Sam and J.J.; originally their surname was “Schubart”) took over Broadway; another powerful, later Jew on Broadway was Gerald Schoenfeld.

[2] see the 1988 book “An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood” by Neal Gabler.

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