22 December, 2021

Seventeen Reasons Why the Covid Pandemic is a Scam

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1. During Covid-19, the flu season (October 1 to April 1), which normally has about 30 million cases per season, disappeared as if by magic. Only 2,124 (no, that’s not a misprint) flu cases appeared during the 2020/2021 flu season (source: CDC). A tiny number! A betting man would say “the flu ‘became’ Covid-19.”

2. As soon as the Covid vaccines were rolled out, nobody could find inexpensive, anti-Covid drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin. They vanished as if by magic. And even if you did find them, doctors would not prescribe them to you. Very odd. (Ivermectin was used in India to treat Covid, with great success, until strangely the Western governments pressured India to stop using it in June 2021. At one point, India had only 1/20 the Covid death rate of the U.S. Why would Western governments care which drugs India used to treat Covid? It makes no sense).

3. The official “Covid pandemic narrative” ran on performing the PCR test at high cycles (35 or above), which was known to produce large numbers of “false positive” results (i.e., if a “cycle threshold” of 35 or above was used; the number of cycles required before the Covid virus is detectable is known as the “cycle threshold”), yet, the high cycle practice continued for 17 months, meaning that most Covid “cases” were not real Covid cases.

4. The PCR test cannot distinguish between the flu and Covid, yet, the PCR test was called “the gold standard Covid test” for many months. Disturbingly, the inventor of the PCR test said that it was not designed to “detect diseases or viruses” in living humans.

5. In the first 6 months of Covid, even motorcycle deaths were counted as “Covid deaths” if the bikers had any amount of Covid in their bodies. Why?

6. Logical and honest questions about Covid and the Covid vaccines are routinely “shut down” by doctors: They won’t discuss Covid with patients or often even with nurses, as if patients or nurses have no right to ask questions about Covid. This is suspicious. What happened to the old medical principle of “Informed Consent”?

7. The official Covid narrative changes every few months, e.g., at first, children were called “almost totally immune to Covid” but later, it was said that children “need to be vaccinated.” At first, only the vaccines were mandated, but now, “booster shots” are also mandated. The official Covid goalposts keep moving.

8. At first, reaching the point of near-total “natural herd immunity” from Covid was a real and important thing to the health experts, but later, the experts never talked about natural immunity again, as if it vanished by magic. Curiously, as time goes on, government mandates concerning Covid are actually increasing, which is not what you’d expect, since, due to an increase in natural herd immunity, Covid cases would decrease over time. But that’s not what we’re seeing. In other words, the situation is just the opposite of what you’d expect to see in a real pandemic.

9. States that “locked down” severely due to Covid mandates (e.g., Michigan) had more Covid cases than states that didn’t lock down severely (e.g., Florida). Maybe “Dr. Science” can explain that.

10. Covid is the first “pandemic” in American history to require that healthy people be quarantined. Usually, only sick people are quarantined during pandemics.

11. You’ve never heard of the term “flu denier” or “cold denier.” So the fact that the silly phrase “Covid-19 denier” even exists is suspicious. Indeed, Covid is the first virus in history that you’re not “allowed” to question. Why?

12. One year after the Covid vaccine rollouts, face mask mandates still exist in most areas of America. Why? Don’t the vaccines work?

13. A “hypothetical pandemic scenario” project called “The SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028” was unveiled by “The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security” in October 2017. It imagined a future coronavirus pandemic: a virus called SPARS. It even talked about the virus being fought with “an experimental vaccination program.” Hmmmmm! Strangely, just about two years later, that same virus scenario appeared in real life…as…wait for it…Covid-19! What a Cohencidence!

14. Every social media outlet has banned anyone from questioning the “official Covid-19 narrative.” Why? Since when does social media give a damn about anyone talking about health care methods? It makes no sense. It’s almost as if social media is working with the government and Big Pharma to censor health information.

15. When Covid-19 arrived in early 2020, the mainstream media in the U.S. showed film footage of citizens in China actually falling down in the streets due to Covid. Today? You never see that today. Why not?

16. Usually, it takes several years, minimum, for a new vaccine to be thoroughly tested before being green-lighted for public use. Not so with the Covid vaccines, which were rushed to market at lightning speed: in about 7 months. Yet, the government authorities insist that the Covid vaccines are “perfectly safe.” How would they know they’re safe? Answer: they wouldn’t/couldn’t know.

17. Covid-19 is political: the more liberal a state is, the more severe the Covid mandates are. California, for example, has more-severe Covid mandates than Iowa or Kansas. Healthcare should never be political, but it is now. Currently, in New York City, you can’t order a fast-food hamburger (in person) without showing proof of Covid vaccination. That’s plain bizarre. Withholding food from citizens!

One writer said that “with Covid-19, nothing makes sense.” He was right. That’s called “a clue.”

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