16 December, 2021

White Philosophy: Creepy, Black-Souled People Love Communism and Socialism, Including Most Leftists in America

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(Above: selling dogs as food in China. I’m counting 4 dogs, maybe 5, panting, i.e., they need water).

Chinaman #1: “Want some more poodle, Li?”

Chinaman #2: “No thanks, Han, I’m totally full of golden retriever!” (*belch*).

Seen on the web: an essay on “genocide regimes,” which I won’t link to since it lumps Hitler in with Stalin (as if! As if! Note: Hitler was responding to horrible events. But Stalin wasn’t).

Certain types of people are attracted to communism and socialism: angry, unhappy, dissatisfied, vengeful bullies who cannot recognize and appreciate beauty (because their souls are too black), who hate humanity, hate freedom and hate dogs (the Chinese really hate dogs — in fact, they eat them! “Pass the chihuahua soup!”). Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara, Allende — all were stunted, warped people who never became fully human because they were too full of hatred. And Asia? Christ! Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh. Asians seem to be born to embrace communism. Ant-like. Worker bees. One size fits all. How do the police put out an All Points Bulletin in China? “Suspect is short, has Black hair, and slanted eyes.” “Great! Hey, that’s him! Wait, no, that’s the chief of police! Oops. Hey, wait, that’s him…no…never mind…”

To be a normal human, you must have morals and values. But leftists have none. “Right and wrong? It’s all relative!” say the leftists. Or, “Che Guevara was fighting for democracy!” — I once heard a leftist say that! They can’t tell fantasy from reality. That’s the very definition of “insane.”

And Karl Marx? He knew exactly what he was doing: he was building a “political/racial time bomb” (communism) that would explode years later, killing millions of gentiles. And look at Fidel Castro: he forced his people to stand in lines for 7 hours to buy limited quantities of stale bread, and then he said that he was doing it all to help the people of Cuba. Ohh, that’s some real help, buddy boy! These people are psychopaths. All leftists are psychopaths. Some are worse than others, but all of them are crazy.

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