18 January, 2022

A Speech by Dr. Revilo Oliver

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Newbies, here are three key take-aways from this 1969 speech by Dr. Oliver: in order to survive, White activists must consider these facts:

— Defensive tactics won’t work for us anymore; we must play offense, because our enemies play offense.
— Christianity won’t help us; indeed, Christianity is a Jewish, egalitarian, Levantine religion.
— the U.S. Constitution won’t help us, because it isn’t followed by anyone anymore.

But what will help us survive? These things:

— White people banding together tightly and shunning all non-Whites.
— Whites creating their own media, and their own social/political/educational networks.
— Whites creating their own currency/banks.
— Whites “thinking/acting entirely apart from the rest of mankind” (this must be a strict policy).

Also, understand that Israel-loving “conservatives” won’t save the White race. Just the opposite: they’ll sell out to Jesus, Israel and the Jewish neocons just as soon as they can. They’ll pull the old “we humans are all the same in the eyes of Jesus/God” crap as soon as they can.

Furthermore on the political front, only right-wing populists can be trusted now (not traditional conservatives), and sadly, it’s doubtful that Donald Trump can be trusted; I like Trump, but he is all talk, no action (and what was that recent pro-vaccine stuff of his??). That won’t help White people. We need good, decisive action, not cheap slogans. We need a secure southern border, real money (not inflationary fiat money), and an end to all immigration, for starters. (Granted, Trump is extremely popular, so the idea of running a presidential candidate to compete against Trump for the White House in 2024 is likely doomed from the start).

[Video, 36 minutes].

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