25 January, 2022

California: Jewish Politician Wants Kids to Get Covid Jab Without Parental Consent

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The last time I checked, you “own” (so to speak) your kids until they reach the age of 18, and after that they’re legally adults (but strangely they cannot buy alcohol in retail stores in CA. until they are 21).

News quote: “A Democratic state senator has introduced legislation to allow children to get jabbed without their parent’s knowledge or consent. Senator Scott Wiener argued that, since kids can already get birth control and abortions without their parent’s permission, this legislation fits in with the state’s approach to health care.” [1]. (But, this is an experimental vaccine that can harm or kill young people).



[1] “Wiener was born to a Jewish family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in southern New Jersey, the son of small business owners.” “Wiener is openly gay.” — Wikipedia, Jan. 25, 2022.

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