22 January, 2022

Covid Vaccine Batches: Were They Used as Political Weapons?

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We know that, at least in America, “Covid-19 hysteria” was about getting Donald Trump out of office by “softening up” American society first and then stealing the 2020 election while everyone was burdened by Covid mandates [1]. It is also quite possible that “Covid hysteria” was used to prevent right-wing populism (“Trumpism”) from spreading to Europe, which it partly did, e.g., Brexit and the Yellow Vests. In fact, it is possible that the “whole global Covid enchilada” was cooked up solely to combat right-wing populism in the Western world, although that’s merely a theory for now. Time will tell [2].

But, is it possible that the Covid “vaccines” were also used as physical political weapons against American conservative states like Wyoming and Montana? Before you say “that’s crazy!” just think about what the Left has already done: first, the leftists (read: mostly Jews) tried to frame Trump for “collusion with Russia,” and when that didn’t work, they tried to fake-impeach Trump twice, and then they stole the 2020 federal election, and then they created the fake January 6 “insurrection” using undercover leftist point-men! These horrible Deep State leftists are capable of anything. They’re evil.

Some batches of the Covid-19 “vaccine” are very toxic, according to research by a UK chemist named Craig Paardekooper, a pharmaceutical sciences student at Kingston University in London, England [3].

Quoting the video below: “The overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states” (i.e., conservative states). And “red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine deaths and injuries as blue states.”

[Video; 4 minutes].


[1] when the U.S. military wants to invade a country by sea, it shells the beaches for 3 days, “softening them up” and thereby making the beaches safer for U.S. troops to land on.

[2] As I wrote previously: “Populism (both left-wing and right-wing versions of it) is the next big thing, because all of the elites fear it and want to kill it off…the elites (read: mostly wealthy and politically-connected Jews) hate populism because they can’t control it. Traditional liberalism and traditional conservatism are both very predictable and each have no trouble sucking up to greedy elites. But populism isn’t like that. It’s hard for elites to corrupt a populist with money or political favors. The populist will “do the right thing” 99.8% of the time, and any pay-offs be damned. In fact, had populists run America, WWII would have never happened (just recall the populist Huey Long’s death), nor would have the Korean War or the Vietnam War happened. Populists care too much about “the honest little people of America” to sell their souls to greedy elites for money or cheap political favors. That’s why Tulsi Gabbard was blocked from running for president: she has a populist streak. She’s too honest. The elites hate her for that.

[3] more information about Covid vaccines [Here] and [Here].

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