16 January, 2022

High Hope and Damnable Despair: Some Words of Wisdom

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by Tobias Langdon.

(These are good points, re: morale and pro-White activism. Let us all try to practice and use these ideas; furthermore, there is actually some evidence that we WNs are making good progress. For one thing, 7 out of 10 “snowflakes” are young women [women are attracted to “woke” like fat kids are attracted to candy], and women “wear down and burn out” easily, faster than men, they are more emotional than men; that’s a big plus for our side; also, never forget that the Left seems much stronger than it really is, due to media hype; without the media, Hollywood and universities, the Left wouldn’t exist; indeed, where did the New Left come from? Almost solely from Jewish intellectuals at major universities from circa 1964-1974 who were hopped up on the Jew Herbert Marcuse’s book “One-Dimensional Man”):

“Hope creates morale, morale wins wars”

“Those of us who oppose leftism are not encouraged and energized by those things. Quite the opposite. And so it’s easy to be dismayed and demoralized by them – in short, to slip into despair.”

“Feeling despair yourself is bad enough; seeking to infect others with despair is worse still. That’s why defeatism has often – and rightly, in my opinion – been a capital offence in times of war. It’s exactly what the enemy wants you to practise. If you oppose the enemy and his ideology, why do you do his work for him?

“Despair is always wrong”


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