19 January, 2022

Oh, For Crying Out Loud!

Posted by Socrates in jewed culture, Jewed entertainment, National Socialism, Nazi era, Nazi fever, Nazi obsessions, Nazis at 3:35 pm | Permanent Link

Nazis! Nazis! More Nazis! America is “Nazi this” and “Nazi that” endlessly, nearly 24/7. What else is there on the TV: Nazis from outer space? Nazi teenagers from Hell? Midget Nazi teenagers from Hell?? A TV-movie called “I Was a Nazi Proctologist at Auschwitz”?? A documentary about “Gay Nazis Who Have Eating Disorders”?? Nazi dogs?? Nazi cats??

Fausta, the (blonde) Nazi Wonder Woman! (from the Wonder Woman TV series, Season 1, Episode 2, 1976).

[Video, 4 minutes].

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